Contacts & Registration

TO REGISTER LINK TO THE REGISTRATION SITE and fill in all the required parts until payment of the fee (if due).

The first 100 registered payers will be entitled to a discount equal to 50% of the fee herewith paid that can be used for registration to the 5th IPCE Conference (June 2021) that we are starting to organise

Registration will entitle you to view all the Web Conference sessions, even several times, during the opening month of the Conference, but you will not be allowed to download or copy its contents

Make sure you meet the requirements to access your category, otherwise your registration will not be considered valid!



The relationships between lecturers and registrants will be compliant with intellectual property protection regulations. The recorded presentations are reserved exclusively for their personal, finalized use; the abusive duplication, reproduction, transmission in public, or any form of dissemination of the material is not allowed. The reproduction of the material and its reuse, even if only partial, outside of the 4th IPCE Web Conference Environment, is strictly prohibited and constitute a violation of the Copyright Law  “22 April 1941, n. 633”  which provides for the person responsible of the same violation heavy criminal and administrative sanctions. The file, produced directly by the lecturers and sent to the 4th IPCE administration, will be stored in an internal storage (not a web storage); it will be provided on the 4th IPCE platform dedicated to registrants to be seen during a period of 30 days, then it will be deleted.