Intercontinental Personal Care Excellence

Contactless Cosmetics: Shaping the future of Personal Care Sciences

Trieste - Molo IV Conference Hall - 11/13 June, 2020

Invitation Letter

Dear Visitor,

the echo of the extraordinary success of the 25th IFSCC Conference organized in October has not yet gone away, which we are called to repeat in a new International event: the 4th IPCE Conference, scheduled on next June 11-13 at the Molo IV Conference Hub in Trieste (Italy)

This conference promises to be the most important scientific event of the year in the cosmetic sector to be held in Italy; the Conference format will reflect that of the first IPCE Editions, so cleverly conceived by the Italian-Japanese-American steering committee: a Scientific Conference that gives relevance to the most deserving Posters presented above all by young researchers at the last IFSCC Event

This year’s theme “Contactless Cosmetics: Shaping the future of Personal Care Sciences” will deal with the biological processes, the effectiveness of formulations, and the evaluation methodologies by focusing them on the skin surface and its external boundaries, delegating functions (both positive and any adverse) to the biosensors and receptors located on the SC and Epidermis

A very interesting session of parallel Panel Discussions, dedicated to extremely actual issues for the cosmetic sector, will close the Conference on Saturday

All completed by socio-cultural initiatives which, in conjunction with the celebratory events of Trieste European Capital of Sciences, will help make your participation unforgettable.

We therefore suggest you book the dates in your calendar; for information, we attach the preliminary scientific program, a participation quotation list, to take advantage of the Early Birds rates, and a list of supporting options that guarantee your company a qualified International visibility


The idea of organizing an event of high scientific value, mainly engaged in strategic areas of personal care has emerged on late 2016 between members of the Italian and USA Executive Boards.

SICC, the Italian Society of Cosmetology, has always been in favor of a synergistic integration between research models in the most advanced Nations in cosmetic science. It is also one of the most important strategic objectives of the World Federation (IFSCC)  to promote intercontinental dissemination and training in cosmetic science to students and Junior cosmetologists.

Leveraging then the appeal of “Made in Italy”, it was decided by mutual agreement to hold the event in Italian touristic resorts with high cultural surroundings. 

The major players of the Cosmetic industry will be asked to present their cutting edge scientific results in order to claim the relevance of their Personal Care products for the wellness of human beings and to defeat the common believe that Cosmetic Science is a by-discipline of the pharmaceutical science.

Besides USA and Japan, that have been actively participating to the first 2 editions and that continue to endorse the 3rd edition, we involved for the 2019 edition the Hong Kong and the new borne China Societies of Cosmetic Chemists!


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